Maureen & Brian Gimpel

Homestead Wedding,

Mutdapilly, Australia




How did they meet?

Brian was sitting in the office one day, not that he likes sitting in the office, and then Monica said “you are a grumpy so and so!" with a few other adjectives thrown in for good measure – she said “we need to find you a woman” – and that’s how it all started.

The next day Monica came to work – with a camera.  She told Brian to go and get cleaned up – and have a shave.  So off he went to do as he was told (as always) and once cleaned up off they headed to the pool where she took some great action shots – well of Brian posing next to the pool! With the photographs taken Monica started to set everything up on RSVP – yes they met through an internet dating site.

Of course Brian had to write his own little story – which isn’t easy for someone who could only type with two fingers – took a bit of doing.

Maureen was the one and only lady on RSVP that he arranged to meet face to face – he wasn’t sure if he was meeting a Kiwi or a Scottish person – in her emails you’d see the word “wee” all the time.

Eventually they arranged their first date – at the Karalee Tavern in downtown Karalee.

She actually stood Brian up at the pub for an hour and a half – guess why she was late – yep she was held up at work – or at least that’s what she told him!  When she finally did arrive they enjoyed a couple of cold beers on a Friday afternoon.

The next date – was a big event too – sushi at Mount Ommaney shopping center – and you all know how much Brian loves shopping - not!!

After a few months he became a regular visitor at Mo’s Mount Crosby home.

And so after approximately 12 months – and many many trips between Mutdapilly and Mount Crosby Mo sold her Mount Crosby home and moved into Gimpelville.  And really the rest is history!

Who would have thought that meeting on an internet dating site would actually work out the way it has – you just never know!

An extract from Renee Wilkins Civil Marriage Celebrant's ceremony.


How long and how was planning your wedding?

We met just over 9 years ago and were engaged for 15 months


Wedding vibe.

Relaxed, casual country charm


Unique or funny moments?

Wondering if Brian was going to be well enough to walk down the aisle with me as he was very sick for the 48 hours before our wedding day - we even had a trip to the hospital the night before our wedding!!


Do you have advice for other couples?

Take time to talk, really talk - and look after each other.


Bridal-Groom preparations Location.

Gimpels Homestead, Mutdapilly


Reception & Ceremony.

Gimpels Homestead, Mutdapilly



Renee Wilkins


Makeup & Hair Design

Jessalee Makeup & Hair Design



Brisbane Market Flowers



Kate Rooney








Merrimac, Gold Coast, Australia

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