Jenny and Adam

Sunset Beach wedding

Byron Bay, Australia




How did you meet?

Back in 1992 a new boy came to Moggill State School. His name was Adam Boorer and like many girls, Jenny had a huge crush on him. He had the most ridiculous curly hair, a kind smile and was super fast! (The only downside was that he was in Thor sporting house and not Apollo! ��) With the help of Jenny's primary school best friend, Gemma, Jenny went about trying to win Adam over time and time again. Gemma would interrupt Adam from his lunch time games and ask him to go down to the Environmental Area (now known as Magil Place). Down there, Jenny would be waiting where she would giggle and ask, “Do you like me?” Jenny never did receive the answer she was seeking (and let’s be honest, who knows what Jenny would have done if Adam did say yes). Nevertheless, they were good friends and in the same class for the three years Adam and Jenny both attended the same primary school. They went their separate ways in high school. In Adam's late teens/early twenties he became friends with Jenny’s brother Jason. As such, Jenny would see Adam in passing here and there, but both had their own lives. Then somewhere along the way in the age of Facebook they became Facebook friends and 'followed' each other lives via this. It was through Facebook that Adam saw that Jenny was keen on doing forestry walks with her dog, Max. In early 2017 Adam sent Jenny a message (via Facebook) to ask if she would like to go for a forestry walk with him. At first Jenny was hesitant as she hadn’t seen Adam for many years, but in the end, they went for a walk. Jenny was pleasantly surprised by how easy Adam was to chat to and before long they were an item.


The proposal.

It wasn’t long into their relationship that out walking one night they took a detour into the school grounds and went to the Environmental Area where Jenny was able to put right that question from all those years ago, “Do you like me?” It was only fitting that four months after they got together that Adam took Jenny back to the same spot and proposed! And that is how their fairy tale began!


How long and how was planning your wedding?

Since July 2017 Jenny was the main planner (with the help of Adam and both mums). Her approach was easy going and tried where possible to plan wedding in that mindset and stop if it became too much as a calm, stress free wedding was the goal as the wedding was always about the union of Jenny and Adam.


Wedding vibe.

Intimate, meaningful, adventurous


Unique or funny moments?

Where do we start?!? From music being an issue and only sorting it as the bride arrived (thank goodness she was late!) to forgetting to hand out order of service fans that’s hours of prep went in too.


Do you have advice for other couples?

Don’t sweat the small stuff and remember that nothing can go wrong it can just go different.


Bridal-Groom preparations Location.

Lakeside on Byron.



Little Wategoes, Byron Bay.(Eastern most point of Australia)



Fig Tree Restaurant



Renee Wilkins


Makeup Artistry

Suellen Bayly



Liz Gear



Heather Jeffers



Simply Divine Occasions


Bride-groom dress

Carolann Bridalwear


Bride-groom suit

Si By Studio Italia


Bridesmaid dress

Miss Anne


Event Stylist

Byron Bay Weddings



Dance Choreographer - Kate Lilywhite



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