Caleb & Tegan Bin Awel


Gold Coast, Australia




How did you meet?

We met in a night club, when I (Caleb) walked in, I Looked around and spotted Tegan and though to myself 'I am never going to get someone as beautiful like her' I eventually got the courage to go up to her and that's when our journey began. :)


The proposal.

We were walking along the beach, I asked Tegan to stop here for a sec. that's when I went down on one knee and asked her to marry me.


How long and how was planning your wedding?

We planned for a year, there was definitely hiccups and stressful times no doubt. we did have our original celebrant and photographer pull out and that was definitely stressful. but we found new ones in no time


Wedding vibe.

our wedding was a bit of everything, casual, romantic, comedy, exciting. it was such a great day/night!


Unique or funny moments?

There was so many, from watching our flower girls & Tegan walk down the isle, bought tears to Caleb's eyes, his heart melted. doing the photography was definitely fun. Tegan slapped a big mosquito on my neck and in the moment was just hilarious. Then at the cutting of the cake we held our kiss for minutes waiting for everyone to take a photo- it was breathe taking. haha. our photo booth was awesome and definitely a winner. the photos are so funny!


Do you have advice for other couples?

You can be stressed all the way up to your wedding day. which is completely normal so don't worry to much. as long as you have everything organized, your wedding day will be spot on. there is no need to worry on the day of your wedding, chill out and go with the flow.


Bridal-Groom preparations Location.

Azzure Greens Resort Hope Island.


Reception & Ceremony.

Links, Hope Island, Gold Coast.



Toni Paget


Makeup Artistry/Hair dresser

Felicity/Lauren (Friends)



Style onQ



Beautiful Crumbs


Bride-groom dress

 Ferrari Formal


Bride-groom suit

Tony Barlow


Bridesmaid dress

Coco Melody


Event Stylist

Style onQ



Michael- WE R DJS





Merrimac, Gold Coast, Australia

+ Corporate Headshot


Phone: +61 0418 733 492

+ Engagement

+ Wedding

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