Sandra and Brenton

Not so Sunshine Beach wedding

Noosa, Australia




How did you meet?

We worked together on the City Cats in Brisbane and became close friends before we started dating.


The proposal.

Brenton planned a trip away for his birthday to Byron bay to throw me off the sent. Which worked I had no idea. He planned to ask me on his birthday but couldn’t wait so planned dinner and then to be on the beach for sunset. He picked a spot we knew well and just by chance there was a lady playing the ukulele behind us. It was a perfect sunset and a perfect proposal. I couldn’t quite believe it and just kept saying are you serious sort of forgetting to say yes. So then. I said yes about 5 times. Apparently Brenton couldn’t hold it in from any of our friends so everyone was eagerly awaiting our return home for the story.


How long and how was planning your wedding?

One year which all went very smoothly until about a month out. We were so cool calm and collected like what is everyone always going on about weddings being so hard ha ha. It’s not quite as cruelness when you have to confirm everything and start checking to long range forecast for the day. Which was showing possible rain.


Wedding vibe.

Casual beachy


Unique or funny moments?

The sideways rain. Lucky we are a pretty easy going couple because it started raining about 4 days before and didn’t stop until the day after. Luckily for us we also have very understanding friends and a great photographer who was a terrific sport and still took us to the beach fo our photos.


Do you have advice for other couples?

Have a back up plan you don’t think you’ll need it but you just might even if your getting married at a place called Sunshine beach.


Bridal-Groom preparations Location.

Le Mer Sunshine beach apartments.


Reception & Ceremony.

S.L.S.C., Sunshine Beach, Noosaville.



Tiffany Egan


Makeup Artistry/Hair dresser

Samantha Kate makeup



Flax flowers



Bec Wright (friend)



Kyle Mulrine (cousin)


Bride-groom dress

Madi lane


Bride-groom suit

Tony Barlow


Bridesmaid dress

JJS House


Event Stylist

Splash Events



Thanks to an amazing team of people we had an amazing day. I could not recommend all of them highly enough. As well as the love and support from family and friends and an amazing bridal party and especially my husband who were troopers in some pretty dodgy conditions on the beach. It’s an experience we will never forget. It was an absolutely amazing day. If like us you do have bad weather or things don’t go as planned remember once you see your bride or groom nothing else matters so enjoy it because it’ll be over before you know it. You don’t want to miss it wishing it was something else. Our day was perfect ❤️❤️❤️



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