Boomerang Farm


Boomerang Farm weddings take place on one of the most beautiful, garden, and old barn wedding venues in Australia. Featured in "Married at First Sight". The marriage deck over looks a picturesque bubbling creek under the a huge natural canopy. Edge Photography GC offers Boomerang Farm wedding photography to transform your memories of your special day into keepsakes you will always treasure.


The emotions between the bride and groom are what make the difference between a wedding picture and a piece of art. We are proud of our ability to capture the emotion of our subjects and interpret them into the images that will be dear to your heart.


Never underestimate the importance of hiring a photographer who is experienced at taking Boomerang Farm wedding photography. We love sharing the experience and emotions of Boomerang Farm weddings while always being prepared to take the next great shot. We know that a lot of the best images aren’t planned or posed. They occur spontaneously and fleetingly, leaving only a small window of opportunity to capture them forever.


In spite of the common qualities shared by many Boomerang Farm weddings, your wedding was meant to reflect who you are and your special wishes. Make sure you have a wedding photographer who is capable and willing to do the same!


Edge Photography GC works with you from idea to execution so we get it right. We know you don’t get a second chance to get the best wedding pictures during your special day. We strive to get the best while delivering exactly what you want. People who enjoy what they do always do a better job. We love taking wedding photos and we love doing it better than anyone else.


Contact us to book your date for Boomerang Farm wedding photography that more than meets your expectations. You can count on us for the best photography, always delivered with a smile!




Starting  $495

(Ceremony and photo after 90 minutes max.)

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Creativity and design is a talent all on it's own and that's exactly what Edge Photography will deliver for you. Also failing to plan is a recipe for disaster. Talk to us about how we can take the guess work out of your whole day from start to finish.

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