Edge Photography GC's Grant Weston is an award winning photographer, experienced in Boudoir photography. We can deliver the exceptional results you want for your marketing campaigns, social media, or portraits to hang with pride on your walls.


As experts in boudoir photography, we take the lead in preparing you for your photoshoot. We will help you make the best decisions on what to wear and how to pose to create the mood you want to represent. No matter how important the images are to you, we make sure your photoshoot is fun!


The best boudoir photography results in images where you look relaxed and confident. In order to reflect these qualities, your images must capture the emotions you feel at the time. We will guide you to make sure you look as sexy as you do confident and calm.


We can’t wait to work with you on the boudoir photography that will express what makes your unique personality. What sets you apart? If you want something more creative and inspired than a portrait, you've come to the right place!

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Creativity and design is a talent all on it's own and that's exactly what Edge Photography will deliver for you. Also failing to plan is a recipe for disaster. Talk to us about how we can take the guess work out of your whole day from start to finish.

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