Couple Photography

It doesn’t have to be a milestone in your life to be the right time for couples’ photography. Any time is a good time to celebrate who you are as individuals and as a couple. A couple/engagement photoshoot with Edge Photography GC is an exciting and artistic gift that you can give yourselves. Share your moments together with future generations and relive the memories of the path you have taken together.

A couple photoshoot is a great way to announce your engagement or to mark your anniversary. We take the time we need to put you at ease in front of the camera. Our goal is to make each image reflect the romance and passion that the two of you share. These photos are more about creating a memory that is personal and meaningful to the two of you. Every image will have the clarity and depth to make it a memory that you will treasure over time.

The difference in Edge Photography GC is that we don’t settle for taking pictures of our subjects. We look for the details and the features that set you apart from every other couple. We believe that a couple’s pictures should depict the emotion and the strength of their bond together.

We understand the challenge you face of being at ease in front of a camera for something as intimate as a couple photo shoot. Our experience working with many couples and our calm, cheerful demeanour help to make your photo shoot a fun and memorable experience. We always remain professional throughout your time with us. In the end, it’s your photo shoot and our job to deliver the results you would expect from a professional, award-winning photographer.

Whatever your reason for considering couples’ photography, we will turn your vision into a creative piece of art. It’s up to you whether you frame it and display it to share with friends or family or keep it for your personal enjoyment.