Family Photos

The wonderful thing about family photography is that it encompasses such a broad range of the people you care the most about. There’s no better way to preserve special moments, like the time you spent waiting for your little one’s arrival. Let EDGE PHOTOGRAPHER GC produce timeless images that look as current twenty years from now as they did when they were taken.

Once children arrive, time passes too quickly. They are soon adults living their own lives. Let us share in creating a documentary of images that includes all the people and places that mean the most to them. They will treasure these images nearly as much as you. Imagine when they share their childhood with children of their own.

Of course, family portrait photography means something different to everyone. It all depends on your definition of family and what you want to accomplish with our family photography services. It may only include the two, three, or four of you and the intimate relationship you share. Other reasons for hiring a professional photographer include capturing images of your extended family that you only get to see every now and then. It’s all about connections, relationships, and the people with who you share your DNA and your life, within the same home or from far away.

EDGE PHOTOGRAPHER GC wants to hear your ideas and work with you to create the kind of clear, creative photos you want to represent your family. Whether it’s about the new ones on the way or the family members who have been a part of your life for a long time, skilled photographer Grant Weston has proven his expertise at producing something you can be truly proud of. Check out our portfolio and see why EDGE PHOTOGRAPHER GC has earned a reputation for creative, clear photography that allows you to celebrate.