Product Photography

Commercial photography is the use of photos to try and sell products instead of creating art. Instead of trying to capture emotion in a subject’s face, good product photography focuses on the details of a product that elicit emotions in the viewer.

Edge Photography GC understands what’s riding on the results of your product photoshoot. Together with award-winning photographer, Grant Weston, Edge Photography GC knows how to set up your commercial photoshoot to get the best possible results for you.

All types of products serve as subjects in commercial photography including food, furniture, real estate, beauty products, and a lot more. The goal of the images is to make the viewer want to buy the product and try it for themselves.

You’ve been on the other side of the experience when looking at a picture of food that made you want to eat it. The fashions in a catalogue or professional packaging of a skincare item made it appealing to you.

Those reactions are the goal of product photography with the hopes that it will have that impact on a broad range of people. You aren’t just showing the world the product you have for sale. You’re convincing them that it’s something they can’t live without!

The success of a commercial photoshoot depends on the talent and experience of the photographer. Edge Photography GC has more than 30 years of experience at finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. We know how to take pictures that appeal to the viewer’s senses. Quality matters when you need images that drive your customers to take the next step.

Experience is everything when it comes to hiring a commercial photographer to showcase your product. We know how to find the details that make it stand out from the page and from similar products offered by the competition.