What do you imagine when you think of your wedding? Without the right Gold Coast wedding photography, you risk missing all of the details of your wedding that matter most to you! Each wedding is carefully planned according to the theme, tradition, and individual tastes and personalities of the couple. Don’t risk missing the moments of your special day that you want to remember forever. Choose a Gold Coast and Brisbane wedding photographer who takes the time to learn who you are and what is important to you.

Romantic wedding photography Gold Coast
Romantic wedding photography Gold Coast
Romantic wedding photography Gold Coast

We love weddings

EDGE PHOTOGRAPHER GC, we customise our wedding photography services to the individual. No other day is more special to you than your wedding day. Many brides dream of their weddings from the time they are young girls. Failing to get the photos of all those moments can cloud your memories over time. An award-winning Gold Coast Wedding photography from EDGE PHOTOGRAPHER GC will capture more of what makes your big day special so you can relive your wedding in vivid detail for a lifetime.

We love weddings almost as much as the bride and groom! We take genuine pride and pleasure in covering your special day. No longer is “traditional” the only style of wedding that couples choose. The modern approach is to “do it your own way.” That makes your choice in a Gold Coast wedding photography even more important. Simply put, we make your wedding about the things and people that matter to you. The end result is a series of shots including some of the features you planned and some of the delightful surprises that are certain to occur along the way.

Capture the Emotion of Your Special Day

A lot goes on during your wedding including emotions that you might never see firsthand. Tears of happiness and a happy glimmer in a mother’s eye are just some of the moments you can enjoy once you have your photos. For a Gold Coast wedding photographer with a history of success at capturing emotion, contact EDGE PHOTOGRAPHER GC.