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Why choose EDGE Photography GC as your Professional Photographer?


Accredited Professional Photographer Grant Weston of Australian Institute of Professional Photographers and owner of EDGE Photography GC,  explains that being and acting professional is a key part to his business's success – but what exactly does he mean by ‘acting professional’?

What differentiates him from a non-professional?

Why would someone hire him?

What should your thought process be?

If clients are going to spend money, why is he a good investment?

Put simply to act professionally, to behave professionally is to be a professional. Here is a short checklist of things you can expect from EDGE Photography GC.




True colours, correct exposure and pin sharp subjects.

The very best professional camera equipment(without compromise) pro. series cameras and art series lens. Secondly the best post production software and hardware calibrated to insure true colour and exposure accuracy. Thirdly all images are adjusted for correct shadow/highlight, corrected colour and exposure have all been adjusted for correct colour detail. Insuring your "Professional Images" are just that!




Being a professional, means having an ABN – an Australian Business Number. It’s one small way you as clients know that we are a proper business and it is just another aspect of building trust and confidence.




You are covered by our public liability insurance? Yes, it’s a business cost and yes it designed to protect you, it’s part of the service we’re providing to you as clients. When you work with us, this is yet another level of trust and confidence.




Although we don’t have to wear a uniforms or suits, we dress appropriately. For some reason this will mean different things for different photographers, but it should be pretty obvious that if you’re turning up to a wedding or for a corporate shoot, active wear is not acceptable. If you are engaging our services, we will show you that we care and dress professionally.




In our dealings with clients, we remember that it is the customers day/shoot and they will always get what they want. We are always polite and our responses will remain professional no matter how testing you are, even Bridezillas lol! Good manners and consideration go a long way to a positive relationship – and it’s so natural for us to do.




Unfortunately, I hear that a lot of photographers simply don’t reply to emails or telephone calls. If clients can’t contact us or our business immediately, we should be able to respond within 24 hours – and these days, within four hours or even less is probably our aim. If we’re away on a job and unable to respond within 24 hours, then we make sure you understand this with a text or email message.




EDGE Photography GC weddings, family sittings and commercial work will all have an email that is clear and easy to understand quotes. We should all be using contracts or agreements for every job we do. Unfortunately a lawyer once told me they are not worth the paper hey are written on. Rest assured we have had 1000's of clients and I always say if something has gone wrong, we will fix it.




If we make a commitment to take on a job, when is it needed by the you? We certainly deliver the work on time. If for some reason this isn’t possible, we will communicate with you our valued client.




Small businesses like ours are to be paid upfront. We can’t buy an airline ticket or visit a doctor without paying up front or at the time and it is the same for photographers? Yes, there will be exceptions, running accounts for commercial clients only.




We don't expect our clients to understand the nuances of composition, lighting, posing or print quality. We explain these things to our clients as we work with them building your confidence in us as professionals, and also justifies why they have employed a professional photographer in the first place. We don't assume clients know anything. So we have to be a good communicator giving direction in how to stand, look, feel and pose. As professional photographers, there are many things we have needed to learn and do which all comes forms years of experience.




All work is backed up even as soon as it captured. These days we know that it is only a matter of time before a memory card or a hard drive fails. So all work, even as we shoot is backed up immediately, even our cameras have dual memory cards, giving you total piece of mind.


Engaging an EDGE Photographer GC professional photographer for your wedding, family sitting or commercial job means we understand how we should act and what is expected of us by you, our clients.


     EDGE Photography GC


Creativity and design is a talent all on it's own and that's exactly what Edge Photography will deliver for you. Also failing to plan is a recipe for disaster. Talk to us about how we can take the guess work out of your whole day from start to finish.

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